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The Mobile Operations Center

You might see the mobile unit around campus or at big events, like Ragin' Cajuns football games or Mardi Gras, and when you do, you can rest-assured that we are doing our utmost to keep the area free from threats.

In addition to helping officers monitor situations in large crowds or  the 33-foot motor coach's purpose is to serve as a command center for University leadership in any crisis. The front of the unit is a mobile dispatch center and operations office, with four computer stations and monitors for external cameras. There is a command operations room, with a table, seating and an interactive, wall-mounted computer monitor. Officers can also hold briefings outside the vehicle, where an awning protects a large exterior monitor. The center has an on-board computer server and the capability to manage voice and data communications, including satellite transmissions.

To learn more about the mobile command center, see the La Louisianne article, page 6 and 7.