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Operation Safeguard

The primary purpose of the UL Lafayette Police Department is to protect life and property of the UL student body, faculty, and staff. Although UL is a relatively safe and secure campus, incidents of theft and burglary do occur where an opportunity exists. We urge you to keep all valuables locked away in a secure location. Thefts and burglaries can occur when you least expect it and when you are most unaware of the risks. You can never be to careful when protecting your personal property from would-be thieves. Although standard precautions and safeguards can offer no complete guarantee against theft, you can take anticipatory action to provide yourself with the best possible chance of property recovery in the event of theft. These precautionary measures require your action in the interest of your property.

The UL Lafayette Police Department strongly encourages you to participate in Operation Safeguard. This program involves making a record or inventory of the serial number, make, model, and brief description of your personal property, including but not limited to laptop computers, DVD players and other electronic devices, cellular phones, home and car stereo equipment, and video game players. This information will help link the property back to its owner if it is recovered. The recording of the serial number of items of value will make it easier to enter into the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) if stolen and easier to identify and return to its rightful owner.

After the information below is completed, keep in a safe place should this information be needed by the police.  If you have an iPhone, you may concider an inventory app such as "my inventory manager" from the app store.  There are similar apps available for Android.

The UL Police Department is open 24 hours a day and is located in Bittle Hall, 210 Hebrard Blvd.

Operation Safeguard PDF Form