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Hazing Allegations

When a hazing allegation is made, the information will be posted here, including:

Name of Organization
Date of Incident
Location of Incident
Status of Investigation
Discipline Status of the Organization

Date                 Case#            Organization
10/11/2021    21-016431    Sigma Nu (updated)

11/09/2021    21-018043    Alpha Kappa Alpha (Updated)

01/19/2022    22-001721    Alpha Phi Alpha (Updated)

03/16/2022    22-002859    Pi Kappa Alpha (Updated)

04/01/2022    22-003664    Kappa Alpha Psi (Updated)

05/02/2022   22-005021     Alpha Phi Alpha (Updated)

10/18/2022   22-012820     Kappa Alpha (Updated)