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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Police Department is continuously recruiting for qualified applicants for both Civil Service positions and the Student Officer program. At the present time, our department consists of the following ranks:

    Police Major A
    Police Captain A
    Police Lieutenant A
    Police Sergeant A
    Police Officer IIIA
    Police Officer IIA
    Police Officer IA (Communications)
    Student Officers

All full-time officers are classified state civil service employees and requires a passing score on the LEAPS 9500 civil service exam. If you want to apply for a state job or need a State Pre-Employment Application (SF-10), you can visit the Web site of the Louisiana Department of State Civil Service.

The UL Lafayette Police Department also has a Student Officer Program. Student Officers are part-time paid Officers, and are P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified and commissioned. For a Student Officer application, you may pick one up anytime at the UL Lafayette Police Department.

Hiring Process

Each applicant must successfully complete the following:

    civil service test (Civil Service Officers only)
    oral interview board
    polygraph examination
    background investigation
    psychological evaluation
    physical agility test
    drug screening
    physical exam


Immediately following employment, officers are sent to the Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy where they train and study alongside other law enforcement agencies to become P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified. The training consists of ten weeks of firearms, self defense, report writing, dealing with specific crimes, and the laws of the State of Louisiana. If you are applying for Student Officer, because of your full-time student requirement, you will only be sent through the summer academy.

(NOTE) A UL Lafayette Police Officer in the academy is required to maintain a grade of 80 percent or better on all tests and activities. Whereas the academy itself only requires a grade of 70 percent or better.

Upon completion of the academy, the graduating officers are assigned to a Field Training Officer who teach them the procedures and policies of the University and the University Police Department. Field training lasts for approximately 10 weeks. A test will be given at the end of each week for the material covered that week. And to proceed to the next week, the officers are required to make a grade of 85 percent or better. After successfully passing all field training, the officers are then released from the FTO Program.

Hours of Work

Full-time Civil Service Officers work 12-hour shifts. Student Officers on the other hand are required to work 16 hours a week, broken into two 8-hours shifts -- one shift during the week, and one shift on the weekend. All Officers are also required to work extra events such as football games, basketball games, dances, etc..