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Script for Instructors

Thank you for encouraging our students to understand what to do in an emergency situation.
We ask that you take a moment to do three things.

  • Make an announcement on the first day of class.
  • Distribute printed information about emergencies.
  • Be prepared to lead students in a crisis situation.

Script for Instructors

In an emergency in this building, we’ll have three choices:
RUN (get out),
HIDE (find a safe place to stay inside), or
FIGHT (with anything available to increase our odds for survival).

First, take a few minutes this week and learn the different ways to leave this building. If there’s ever a fire alarm or something like that, you’ll know how to get out, and you’ll be able to help others get out too.
Second, if there’s severe weather and leaving isn’t a good option, go to a low level in the middle of the building, away from windows.

If there’s a security threat, such as an active shooter, we’ll RUN out of the building if we can do it safely or we will HIDE by finding a safe place where the threat cannot see us. We will lock or barricade the door and we will be as quiet as possible, which includes placing our cell phones on silent. We will not leave our area of safety until we receive an ENS Alert that advises us it is safe to do so. If we cannot run out of the building safely or we cannot find a place to hide, we must be prepared to FIGHT with anything we have available in order to survive. Remember, RUN away or HIDE if you can, FIGHT if you have no other option.

Finally, if you sign up for emergency text messages at, you’ll receive information from the police and administration during these types of situations.

If you have any questions, go to, or call 337.482.6447.